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The future of Financial Services: data-driven ecosystems

The future of Financial Services: data-driven ecosystems

Our learnings from our speaking slot at the PayThink conference

Interning At Manifesto

Interning At Manifesto

Find out what it's like to be an intern at Manifesto

The Nutshell: Membership and Gaming

The Nutshell's take on how video gaming has taken on its more established peers, and won

The Parent Hood: Membership for Superheroes

Manifesto's Membership Proposition project with The Parent Hood

Open Banking: Our View

Open Banking launched in 2018, but the dialogue has been dominated by technical implications at the expense of fruitful discussion about commercial opportunities. We sought to shift the locus of the debate.

The Nutshell: How Disruption is Taking the Healthcare Industry Off Life Support

Manifesto's monthly newsletter, The Nutshell, this month focusing on disruption in the healthcare industry

Pricing can kill agencies... but it doesn’t have to

How to drive value through pricing and advertising

The Nutshell: Fierce Competition - Is Membership the Future for the Business of Sport?

Manifesto's monthly newsletter, The Nutshell, this month focusing on how sports are being impacted by membership

How Instagram is Taking on Amazon (and Winning)

4 minutes read

For years Amazon have sat on the eCommerce throne as the go-to online retailer. This year, Instagram launched their own checkout functionality - we look at how their ‘aspirational’ shopping experience could expose Amazon, and the four things Instagram need to do to ensure retail success.

The Nutshell: Lifting the Bonnet on Automotive Subscriptions

4 minutes read

Manifesto's monthly newsletter, The Nutshell, this month focusing on the wonderful world of automotive subscriptions

The Nutshell: Cracking Open Craft Beer

It's a topic that certainly divides opinion. Whether you like beer or not, the industry is a case-study in disruptive innovation. So sit back, chill out (with or without liquid refreshment) and read some of the cool stuff that’s going on in the World of Beer.

What Blockchain means for you and your customers

It’s that time of the year again, where we take on an upcoming tech trend and try and help you understand what it really means for your customer value proposition. Last year we tackled Open Banking, this year we are turning our attention to the wonderful world of Blockchain.

Our top five tips to nail a company away day

All things considered, company away days can often be very difficult to get right; get it wrong, you might end up fostering resentment even from the most loyal employees. We think there are five essential factors that give away days a better chance of being a success.

Innovation fatigue: The start of an analogue fightback?

It appears people may still prefer to curl up with an actual paperback book. Recent stats show the incredible resurgence of physical books, with the electronic e-book alternative in significant decline. We investigate the consumer rationale that explains this turn of trend.

Are dentists more attractive than banks?

The new wave of startup companies on the banking scene have brought a surge of excitement; customers finally have something to show off, from slick money monitoring apps to quirky vertical debit cards. We dissect the market, and take a look at the new banks and products contributing to all the hype.

Blockchain: the emperor’s new clothes or a knight in shining amour?

The world of Cryptocurrency in 2018 has been flipped on its head more times than we could have ever have imagined. However Blockchain is a very different story, as we start to see a rise in the number of its practical applications, with some very tangible operational and customer-led benefits.

Now that the dust has settled, Pokémon Go and how it makes money

"Pokémon Go" became an overnight viral sensation, with iPhone users spending more time on it than on Facebook. But it is difficult to see how the app actually makes money, until now.

Retail-iation: How retailers should bounce back

Christmas 2018 saw one of the worst like-for-like sale periods for many years. The pressure is on retailers to inspire consumers to purchase and create desirable experiences that are worth coming through the shop door for.

Customer service: Focus on the revenue, not the cost

A poor customer experience may cost your business 200 fold of a cost you may have been trying to save. Willingness to genuinely investigate and positively impact customer feelings and reactions, can help build and manage a positive reputation for your brand in the long run.

Manifesto do growth strategy. We've developed a unique approach called Growth Architecture that helps businesses grow faster, sooner.

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