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Interning at Manifesto

By Natasha Whitham

Having recently graduated with a history degree and only a brief experience of consultancy, I was immediately drawn to Manifesto’s 3-month internship, and the opportunity to explore a career in growth architecture as one of two interns. We are now 2 months in – and here are the top ten highlights from our experience!

Manifesto creates a warm and welcoming environment from the start  

Week one was all about getting to know the company. Catch-ups with each of our co-workers meant that we were quickly integrated into the team, and a Friday welcome lunch had us feeling warmly introduced to Manifesto. 

They understand that many graduates are new to the world of consultancy

We were given an incredibly helpful ‘introduction to consultancy’ session explaining the responsibilities of a consultant, the diverse industry landscape and the ways to succeed and thrive in this role. 

Regular one-to-one sessions keep us supported throughout the internship 

Each intern is given a career coach, a buddy for support, and a point person for mentoring. Our weekly coffee catch-ups are a great way to track progress - and something to look forward to on a Monday morning!

Personal development is at the core of the programme, with training sessions designed to expand our skillsets

Manifesto helped us get to grips with a key skill which every junior consultant should have. We are taught how to use Google’s data analysis tool, taken through a slide-design tutorial, and given other hard and soft skills that will leave us in good stead.

We are given real and rewarding responsibility across the whole 3 months 

The deliverables we help produce go straight to clients. At Manifesto there is a culture that focuses on context and transparency, ensuring that we are constantly aware of the impact and value of our work - and get to witness the real results!

We get to own a piece of work from start to finish - and in doing so, contribute to the development of the business

I produced a ‘deep dive’ report into the payments landscape in Asia-Pacific, and presented findings that can now be used to inform the company’s project work, both in Hong Kong and across the rest of the business. 

The company’s collaborative culture exposes us to the ‘behind the scenes’ running of a start-up

‘State of the Nation’ is a monthly, whole-company meet-up, designed to fill everyone in on the latest developments at Manifesto. It shows us the complexities involved in running a consultancy, and highlights the valuable contributions of Manifesto employees. As interns, we even get the chance to organise ‘State of the Nation’ ourselves!

We benefit from the team’s wide range of backgrounds and skill-sets, as everyone is quick to pool their learnings

Sharing lunches have been a unique and valuable element of our internship experience so far. With sharing firmly rooted in the company culture, employees get to turn valuable pieces of learning (either from projects or training courses) into presentations to be delivered to the whole team!

Manifesto are running a 2-month ‘crash course’ on how to start a business, and we’re learning lots

When you hear ‘Dragon’s Den’, you think TV show. At Manifesto, however, Dragon’s Den means a 7-week business acumen programme. The many training and team sessions will soon culminate in a final presentation evening, complete with celebrity guest judges and jaw-dropping prizes - and followed by an evening of ‘organised fun’! (for details see below). 

Socials are fundamental to the company culture

'Organised fun' refers to the monthly social at Manifesto – an evening that always involves food, drink, and an activity to suit the group’s more competitive side (past examples include crazy golf and a treasure hunt around London). These evenings are always one to look forward to - as are the annual Christmas party and the hotly anticipated summer sports day.

As an intern at Manifesto I have had the opportunity to explore a career in consultancy, learn valuable industry skills, and develop a better understanding of my own strengths and interests - an experience I couldn’t recommend highly enough! 

Applications are now open for January 2020: