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Helping Campbells make brilliant eCommerce decisions

  • Created a new digital vision for one of the world’s largest food manufacturing businesses.
  • Extrapolated complex organisation-wide priorities into simple strategic initiatives.
  • Empowered the digital team and aligned them to enterprise objectives.

The world’s most iconic soup brand, Campbell’s, needs to make it just as easy to buy its products online as it is to get them from a grocery store. Easier said than done for a huge manufacturing business whose whole enterprise is set up to serve the latter.

Campbells came to us with an ambitious, forward-facing eCommerce target that they could only hit if their digital team, and the wider leadership team, could get behind a single digital vision. To help them get there, Manifesto took Campbell’s overall strategy and existing growth levers and created four new strategic initiatives that would ultimately compel the whole company, from supply chain to marketing, to embed digital into its way of working.

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