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Transforming film studio marketing for a world-leading media company

  • Created a new marketing manifesto.
  • Developed a new organisational vision and way of working with KPIs embedded.
  • Moved from reactive to proactive marketing approach.

Working with Disney’s theatrical marketing organisation under a new leadership team, we created a new marketing manifesto, complete with organisational vision, KPIs, and a new ways of working by marketing discipline. The new approach was piloted on the film The Finest Hours and to ensure we could embed the approach we not only kitted the team out with the right tools and processes, we also worked closely with the marketing leadership team to pinpoint the interventions that would help people create the most impact within the new approach.

As a result Disney moved from a boom or bust, new release-centric tactics to an audience-driven, franchise brand-building, integrated marketing strategy.

“Manifesto are different for two reasons. Firstly, they spend time in our business really getting to know what makes us tick in a non-intrusive manner. Secondly, they support us in the execution of our strategy with a unique test and learn approach to tangibly improve how we launch titles and build brands at Disney.”

Lee Jury, VP of Marketing at Disney