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Data-led strategy

Shifting to a customer data-led strategy at a "Big 6" utilities company 

  • Repurposed the company’s wealth of data to improve service personalisation.
  • Identified and prioritised quick wins and medium term targets.
  • Placed data and EDF’s customers at the heart of the strategy.

Shifting everything around to put the customer at the heart of your future vision can be daunting for any legacy company that’s always done things a certain way. Manifesto worked alongside EDF to help guide and facilitate that change.

We went back to basics, unearthing hidden kernels of customer data insight from the rich streams of data and marketing capabilities that EDF already had. We used these as the basis for a new customer-first way of working that made EDF’s communications way more targeted - creating value both for them and the customers.

Ultimately, their marketing focus changed from ‘how many campaigns can we get out the door’ to ‘how much value can we generate?’