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Launching a breakthrough proposition to help people with alcoholism

  • End-to-end from proposition design to delivery.
  • Developed a truly disruptive concept with the potential to help millions.
  • We’re providing ongoing support to ensure the growth of the organisation.

Millions of people across the UK suffer the effects of alcoholism, directly or indirectly, yet access to effective rehabilitation remains extremely limited. We think this should change. Launching in January 2019, Help Me Stop is a breakthrough in addiction treatment for alcohol; providing the most affordable, accessible and effective recovery solution in the country.

As Help Me Stop’s core strategic partner, we led work to better understand the customer, design the proposition and create the blueprint for a rehabilitation centre experience that will support long term recovery.

Having developed the pilot, we are now working closely with Help Me Stop to scale up the service, with a plan to expand from one to twelve centres by the end of 2020.