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Delivering a 3 year strategy to help children live more safely online

  • Defined the vision, mission and 3 year strategy for Internet Matters

  • Aligned and secured investment and support for the new strategy from a complex and wide network of stakeholders

  • Determined strategy execution priorities and set brand awareness targets to effectively deliver valuable impact

The relentless pace and adoption of new technology amongst children makes Internet Matter's mission to help parents protect their children online more important than ever. The major digital players have come together to support this cause.

We partnered with Internet Matters to define a compelling vision, mission and 3 year strategy for building its reputation as the gold standard for children’s internet safety in the UK. We aligned a complex network of external stakeholders (including some of the UK's largest digital businesses, government representatives and other non-profit organisations) around the new strategy and secured the investment and support required to execute it successfully. Alongside this, we defined the priorities and brand awareness targets to drive success and make it happen.