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Creating a new global trade strategy for this global visitor attractions company

  • Defined 3 new key strategic priorities.
  • Business cased delivery plan for implementation.
  • 30% uplift in global sales performance.

We live in a world of ever increasing consumer expectations, as the personal experience becomes the norm rather than the exception. The challenge that Merlin faced was to match the personal experience expectations, created by ‘digital’ brands, and succeed in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Following a rigorous analysis of market trends, existing performance data and the needs of Merlin’s key trade partners, we worked with Merlin’s Global Trade team to define 3 key strategic priorities. We sized the value of each opportunity, built a robust delivery plan complete with resources and capital investment requirements and designed a new operating model.

These 3 growth pillars have seen ~30% rise in global trade sales performance and are projected to deliver significant future revenues for Merlin.