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Accelerating global subscriptions growth for News Corp

  • Codified the science of subscriptions across News Corp’s global titles
  • Established new ways of working by sharing world class content, technology and analytics models to power global subscriptions growth
  • Developed new global subscription propositions, go-to-market strategies and partnerships

News Corp, one of the largest media owners in the world, has been at the forefront of the pivot to subscriptions for a decade. To supercharge growth in the cut-throat world of news publishing, News Corp needs lasting relationships with its members, customers, partners and advertisers. In any large and complex business, not least one that boasts such a portfolio of major brands, an enterprise-wide initiative is not for the fainthearted.

Working with teams from the Wall Street Journal, The Times and The Australian, we got forensic on the marketing and technology operating models at work across the business to help codify the ‘science of subscriptions’.

We identified world class marketing, technology and data capabilities in each business unit and helped scale these best practices across all subscription titles.

The results - new bundled subscription propositions, smarter dynamic paywalls, proactive retention, better commercial partnerships and new content economics models that have helped power double digit growth in News Corp’s digital subscriptions revenue over the past 12 months.