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Launching a pet activity tracker to redefine Purina’s business model

  • Turned ambiguous strategic goals into clearly defined actions.
  • Conducted research to deliver deep customer insight.
  • Developed a new customer proposition to establish a D2C business model.

Purina, the world’s leading pet food and care company, came to us with one big idea and three strategic goals, and asked us to help make them all a reality. Their brand new consumer product - an activity and feeding tracker for pets - would let Purina create closer relationships with customers, establish a direct to consumer business model and collect data on these customers at scale.

We worked with their Innovation team to build out four business model options including positioning, pricing, GTM and distribution of the new proposition. We plugged in costs and revenues, researched and modelled consumer needs, mapped the competitive context and a variety of potential retail commercial impacts - leaving Purina with a treasure-trove of decision-making data to decide the how, why and what of their launch.