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Prioritising customer-targeted marketing propositions

  • 6 new customer segments identified.
  • Prioritised segment and channel based on profitability and feasibility.
  • Embedded new segments within the business.

Consumers’ expectations of marketing has changed. Out is the blanket, one-size-fits-all campaign. In is the highly targeted messaging based on the rich seams of customer data that any dynamic, forward-facing company needs to have and be able to use.

We worked closely with the Wagamama marketing team to analyse a wide range of data sources, from social media engagement to point of sale, and everything in-between. With this analysis we created 6 customer segments, prioritised the most valuable and determined the channels that would deliver the greatest profitability.

A strategy is useless without an execution plan. We supported Wagamama in embedding the newly developed segmentations within the business. As a result, a series of short and medium-term opportunities that would quickly impact revenue across customer marketing, menu, and the in-store experience have been implemented.