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Consumer Goods

The battle for consumer relationships is intensifying between legacy brands, D2C start ups, and retailers. Manifesto helps consumer brands navigate their options, and build the propositions and business capabilities to drive growth.

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Creating Winning D2C Propositions

The Secret to Future-Proofing Brand Growth in CPG

The D2C Opportunity - Why should CPG businesses build direct relationships with consumers?

The world of consumer goods is changing - what consumers buy, how they buy and who they buy from are shifting over time. On one side there are direct-to-consumer challenger brands, offering differentiated products and seamless customer experiences to build brand loyalty. On the other, there are major online marketplaces and retailers, with increasing influence on product range and visibility. Squeezed from both sides, traditional consumer goods companies risk having their position eroded.

In order to stay relevant, consumer goods companies need to build direct relationships with consumers. This doesn’t mean replacing the traditional retail model, but complementing it with new revenue streams. Going D2C offers the opportunity to attract new customers with new propositions, drive repeat purchases, cross-sell your product portfolio and build a brand halo. But it isn’t easy, requiring new marketing and sales channels, new data capabilities and a complex model of fulfilment.

We help businesses define the D2C opportunity, identifying the propositions, commercial drivers and capabilities required for success.

What we do

We build profitable direct to consumer relationship relationships through: 

D2C Strategy Development

D2C Proposition Design

Financial Modelling for New Business Opportunities

D2C Capability Diagnostics & Op Model Design

Some of our work

Creating a new approach to new business model exploration for a top beauty player
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Customer segmentation to drive marketing, menus and in-store experience
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Helping create a new digital vision that propels their ecommerce business forward
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Moving from ‘big shop’ to ‘top-up’ by crunching the numbers on shoppers

Prioritising digital opportunities set to revolutionise a D2C offering
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A customer journey led approach to better understanding, engaging and retaining customers
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Get in touch

Marine Pajot

Marine Pajot

Marine joined Manifesto from TBWA where she worked on brand and communication strategy for a range of global brands in New York, Paris and Sao Paulo. Expert in D2C, she applies her disruptive and creative thinking to help clients develop customer-led growth strategies and innovative propositions.