Transforming film studio marketing to connect fans to film franchises


As one of the largest film studios in the world, Disney is adapting to a rapidly changing landscape. Disney Studios is exploring a new approach to film marketing which recognises the changes in media consumption and consumer behaviour and requires it to communicate with consumers in a fundamentally new way.


Over the course of three engagements, Disney tasked Manifesto with guiding the evolution of their marketing approach – what they think, what they do, and how they do it – and to bring the wider marketing team together under a new vision. Our task was to order and organise whilst fostering confidence, and to provide the team with the set of tools required to implement this new approach on a day-to-day basis.

Manifesto are different for two reasons. Firstly, they spend time in our business really getting to know what makes us tick in a non-intrusive manner. Secondly, they support us in the execution of our strategy with a unique test and learn approach to tangibly improve how we launch titles and build brands at Disney.

Lee Jury

VP, Disney Studio Marketing


A new marketing manifesto for Disney Studios to improve agility and deliver smarter content across channels to an increasingly targeted audience. We created a new organisation vision for studio marketing which led to a restructure. We tested these principles and piloted cross-functional ways of working for the launch of The Finest Hours, integrating new KPIs for higher performing campaigns.

Finally, we ran workshops with the leadership team to pinpoint the interventions that would result in changed behaviours, to ensure the launch of the new organisation was a success.


Manifesto united the team under a new vision and embedded a new way of working across marketing functions. This represented a move from a reactive, campaign-centred, product-specific approach to always-on, audience-driven, brand-building, integrated strategic marketing.