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Financial Services

The sector has been buffeted by forces of change: market, customer, technology and regulation. Manifesto helps brands navigate the new world order and build customer growth strategies maximising value today and driving long term relationships.

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New Economics of Banking Report

How to make money in a zero interest rate economy

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The New Economics of Banking - how to make money in a zero interest rate economy 

What (products), when (lifestage), who (provider) and how (channels) end users are interacting with their banks is changing. The value of each individual banking relationship is changing, for all parties. For retail banks, the current value chain of retail banking is suffering. Short term solutions of driving more acquisition aren’t sustainable, or scalable (for challengers or legacy banks alike). A more fundamental approach to how you make money is required.

The New Economics of Banking provides an approach to pivoting your organization from products to sell, to customers to serve (and retain). Built with inputs from over 50 industry leaders, our proprietary research provides the backbone for a new Retail Banking business model; the outcome of which is deeper customer engagement, stronger short term revenues, and long term value from across the entire ecosystem (not just end-users).

We’ve made the hard stuff easy and broken the approach down into 5 clear steps. Each step starts with data, expertise and products that already exist within your business today - it’s just about utilizing our methodology and way of working to unlock their growth potential.

What we do

We equip Financial Service providers to build profitable customer relationships through:

Customer first strategy and proposition development

Ecosystem value evaluation

Orchestrated, audience specific Customer Experience

Tech and data strategy

Some of our work

Identified £1bn+ in additional annual value to UK economy across across product enhancements

Defining a growth strategy and execution plan for a new leadership team

Elevated the UBS Philantory offering, for their global audience of high net worth individuals

Developed propositions to stand out, improve delegate retention and average order value

Identifying growth opportunities for the UK’s leading inter-bank mobile P2P payments service

Steering the strategy of a world-leading switching service to meet evolving and increasingly complex customer needs

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Get in touch

Jo Levesque

Jo Levesque

Jo leads our Financial Services practice. With over 20 years of experience helping financial services transform their business and tech to deliver customer first relationships. Her experience means she seen it all, and played agony aunt and solution creator to banks across the world. Any questions about where you should start, or what comes next, just drop her an email.