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Media & Entertainment

Revenue diversification and accelerating growth with new business models is still the main challenge in this sector. Manifesto has an exceptional track record with some of the most successful brands in this space.

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How to make money in the Membership Economy

Economics™ & Media

How Media companies make money in the Membership Economy

Explaining Membership Economics™

Membership Economics™, originally launched in 2019 has now grown to a series of reports, presented at stages in the US, UK and Asia as well as privately to numerous c-suite boardrooms.

Ultimately Membership Economics points to the way companies can create value for their customers and deliver value for their shareholders in a world disrupted by technology and changes in customer behaviours that provide existential threats to those who don't move with them.

What we do

Building profitable membership and subscription businesses through:

Audience first revenue strategies

Membership and subscription proposition design

Driving audience value through engagement

Data and tech strategies

Some of our work

Scaling a market-leading global approach to subscriptions for News Corp
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Transforming film studio marketing into always on engagement
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Setting a consumer first revenue strategy

Evolving the Tate’s membership propositions to increase diversity and reduce churn
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Launching a D2C membership to build ongoing engagement from loyal fans

Shifting focus from revenue to engagement across the organisation  

Our latest thinking  See more here

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Sam Jordan

Laura Graham

Laura joined Manifesto from Capgemini Consulting’s Customer Experience practice. Through her work at Manifesto, she’s become an expert in direct-to-customer business models, content monetisation and lifetime value planning. Laura is both a brilliant programme manager and a highly creative customer experience designer.