Helping Money20/20 understand their customers to unlock value and drive retention

Money 20/20


Money20/20 is the world’s largest payments & financial services conference in the US and Europe. Its flagship US event attracts 11,000+ attendees from across 4,500 companies.  Ascential acquired the event from its founders in 2014 and are now focused on helping the event scale and grow.

Manifesto was engaged in early 2016 to assist in this expansion by creating and delivering a consistent, compelling and relevant value proposition to its key stakeholder groups irrespective of geography.


Money20/20 needed to detail a clear customer taxonomy to determine both the hierarchy of needs and the most powerful value exchanges for key customer groups.  The results of which, could determine potential gaps in programming and improvements to the current Money20/20 proposition.

We chose Manifesto to work on our strategic development plan because of their fintech strength. Being fluent in the market, having contacts and feeling comfortable and credible in conversations was so important to get the best quality insights and come up with proposition ideas that were workable and would have an impact.

CMO of Money20/20


We employed commercial and customer analysis to prioritise these solutions based on their value to Money20/20 and their effectiveness in delivering against core visitor needs.

This allowed us to create a clear action plan for delivering the most effective solutions to market, as well as recommendations on the structure of the conference agenda.


Manifesto defined and qualified a set of 10 commercial propositions to differentiate Money20/20 within its competitive landscape.

Delivery levers and mechanisms outlined in our recommendations were launched in Money20/20 Vegas 2017 and the inaugural Money20/20 Asia in March 2018.