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Evolve or die

It’s that simple and important. Amidst the challenges of new technologies, changing consumer behaviours, and business model innovation, growing has become significantly more complicated.

It’s not difficult to have lots of new ideas, but it is really hard to know which ones to back, how to align a business behind them, and how to deliver short term results while achieving a sustainable long term goal.

The tough questions we answer

Manifesto was created to be uniquely good at tackling questions like these every day for businesses large and small.


What blend of content, convenience and pricing will my audiences respond to?

How can data help us acquire customers we don’t have to constantly try to save?

Are subscription models right for us and is membership an option?

Financial Services

In an increasingly competitive landscape, how do we continue to own the 'primary' banking relationship?

With customer expectations being driven by their interactions and experiences elsewhere, how can we deliver more valuable, convenient and personalised propositions?

With traditional revenue streams threatened, how do we effectively uncover new or untapped sources of sustainable revenue?

Consumer Products

How do we capture our fair share of growth against innovative and agile challengers?

How can we leverage data and technology to deliver new and better experiences to consumers?

How do we win in the membership economy?


How can we use stores to create a competitive advantage against online retail?

How do we pivot from a channel to a customer strategy to deliver a seamless customer experience?

How can we use customer data to drive revenues and improve margins?


I know growth is only possible when we all pull in the same direction but how do you align so many diverse stakeholders?

My competitors don’t play by the same rules as us, they’re faster and more agile, how do we make scale an advantage again?

My old business model is dying but we can’t just turn off the taps, how does a business transition from the old to the new without crashing?

There’s method to our magic

Start with the customer. They are our foundation and our guide. So, let's stay close.

Innovating is mandatory, you have to do things differently or better... but ideally, you'll do both.

Value for the customer has to translate into value for the business. We help you identify where the money is.

Planning is nothing without delivery. We’ll help you bag the quick wins and get you to scale fast.

We approach every project this way.





A new discipline: Growth Architecture

At Manifesto we've pioneered a new business discipline that we call Growth Architecture and assembled a diverse team of experts with skills that perfectly match the complex challenges we love to help you solve.

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